ENT Institute Bella Vista


Less is more and simple is better.

New Surgery and Treatment Rooms

ENT Institute is a privately owned and operated medical centre specialising in the treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat.
Our client wanted an ‘elegant and ethereal’ treatment space for their clients.

ENT treat primarily children and the elderly who may become uneasy at the thought of treatment. For this reason, our client wanted H&C to create a space which was elegant and tranquil, with a soft and delicate colour palette.

Personality and design features:
  • Surgery has a light and delicate colour palette, yet Commercial grade finishes have been specified for durability.
  • Book matched stone wall panel provides elegance and grandeur with a textured timber clad wall creates warmth.
  • Integrated glass sliding door provides privacy for treatment areas.
  • Reception desk and rear unit appear to ‘float’ – further accentuating the ethereal concept.
  • Treatment rooms are warm and inviting partially thanks to the ‘timber’ commercial flooring.
  • Specialised Joinery is highly functional to ensure surgery operates at its optimum.
  • Integrated Glass white boards provide easily utilised ‘drawing pad’ for the surgeon.
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